American Studies: Comparing Literature to our Local History


List of Images


Literature They Might Coorespond with

Black Creek 1890

First Power Plant in Appleton 1882

Town of Center 1890

Appleton Parade 1898

Black Creek 1910


Jacob Riis How the Other Half Lives and Upton Sinclair The Jungle:

  1. Does the Black Creek home look familiar? Anyone know where that is or if it's still standing today?
  2. How might that first power plant impact the city of Appleton back then? Is that what you thought it would have looked like?
  3. How does this photo different compared to the children you saw in the Jacob Riis photos?
  4. Examine the parade photo as close as you can. What are some unique observations? What is being sold on College Ave.? Look at the people. Where are they? What are they doing?
  5. Look at the photo in the last Black Creek photo. Again, how can you compare these photos with the Jacob Riis photos?


Downtown Seymour 1929

Flying in Menasha 1925

Seymour Garage 1929

F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby

  1. If you look at the downtown Seymour photo close enough, you'll be able to guess where that is, I think. Any guesses? What do you see in the photo?
  2. How does the Menasha photo compare with what you know about when Lindberg was flying?
  3. In the Seymour Garage photo, you should be able to tell where this building is today. Where is it? What is the one truck?

Take from Fox Cities Memory Project WITH permission. This site is in a very rough draft state. More material will follow as time permits.

If you'd like to see more photos and learn more about our local history, I HIGHLY recommend the book Fox Cities Memories.




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