Julius Caesar

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I first start this unit by having the kids do a research unit in small groups. Using Google Docs students will conduct research in small groups (3).

  1. Create 9 questions and divide them up between the groups.
  2. Each person needs to conduct research to answer their 3 questions using citation practices. This work needs to be saved in their Google Docs account and shared with their group members and teacher.
  3. After all members finish their research, a works cited page needs to be created using Landmark's Citation Machine.
  4. Next students need to write a group 5 paragraph essay. Each person writes their BODY paragraph using INTEXT citation. As a group they need to write their introduction and conclusion.
  5. Next they need to write their group speech.

After gathering research, students should watch two videos found on United Streaming. Here is a study guide (pdf) to accompany the video. If you've never seen United Streaming, you should!

My student teacher, Laura Buntman (Spring 2008) conducted a great tower building exercise. This gave the kids a chance to see who might emerge as leaders and if anyone maybe had qualities we might see in the characters of the play. Basically you need to assemble packs of supplies to give each team. Within 5 minutes see who builds the tallest tower using those supplies. For homework that night or at the end of class, they need to journal about the experience.

You can always peek at the play online.

Study Guide (pdf): Created by Margrit Barber, edited by myself and Laura Buntman

Act I Scene I Translation (pdf): This is good practice to get the kids into this.

Act II Language Conversion (pdf): Students need to keep seeing how we would say Shakespeare's writing today.

Act II Analyzing the Problems (pdf): I started this chart, but Laura Buntman did a nice job editing it.

Act II RAFT writing assignment

Act III Group Reading (pdf): Students also need to learn to read Julius Caesar aloud, but they need some help figuring out how to read it. This sheet will help.

Act III Comparing the Speeches of Brutus and Antony (pdf)

Act III Review Crossword (pdf)

Act IV Compare Brutus and Cassius (pdf)

Act IV Review Crossword (pdf)

Act IV You Practice Translating Shakespeare (pdf)

Review Games



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